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More than a Wallet.

Blockchain, Simplified

cWallet brings the best-in-class user experience to cryptocurrency and decentralized applications. You don’t need to be an expert to join the exciting blockchain revolution. cWallet helps you right where you need it and when you need it. cWallet currently supports Ethereum and thousands of ERC20 tokens.

Gateway to Celer Alpha
Lightspeed Off-chain

  • cWallet is the first wallet integrated with Celer Network SDK and Testnet. Backed by the most advanced off-chain operating network, cWallet transforms slow dApps to “cApps” with 1000X faster and interactive user experience.

  • As the first alpha test, we invite you to try out some cool cApps. cPay is capable of delivering arbitrarily small payments in milliseconds with ZERO fee.

  • Not just payment, Celer enables the most advanced off-chain smart contract execution capability. Try out the fun and interactive game of cGomoku, compete with your friend and win some ETH!

Open Platform, Easy-to-build

Do you want to build blockchain games, online auction, prediction market or pay-per-use services, but are so annoyed by the slow transaction confirmation and the high transaction fees? Are you losing dApp users because of laggy UX? cWallet provides an easy-to-build platform to help you boost your dApps with the Celer magic.

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